Tri Massage and Spa - Breathe easy, feel at home and let yourself go!
The services I offer are suited to fit your specific needs. Check out the packages page if you would like to combine, add to, or customize any service for your session. Enjoy, relax and unwind with a great massage today!
Deep Swedish Massage
There are many different styles of massage. Deep Tissue and Swedish being the most popular used today. Additionally, I use Chiro-massage for both relaxation and therapeutic purposes. This technique brings circulation and adds relief to fatigued muscles. 

Regular Prices
60 minutes - $60
90 minutes - $90
120 minutes - $120

Add 20 minutes of Hot Stones to any massage for an additional $20

Best Value Package
With these packages you will not only receive a great massage but you can use them anytime you want and they are greatly affordable!

3 - 60 minute massages - $135
($45 each)
3 - 90 minute massages - $180
($60 each)
3 - 120 minute massages - $300
($100 each)

During your pregnancy, you might encounter some aches and pains. Let me help you relax with comfortable pillows that will insure you have a great massage!

60 minutes - $60

Prenatal massages will be discounted when purchased as a package.
Hot Stone Massage
Perfect any time or season! Allow your muscles to melt into total relaxation as the warm rocks glide over your body from head to toe!

90 minutes - $130

**Consult with your doctor If you have high blood pressure or diabetes before scheduling a Hot Stone Massage**

Fabulous Facial Massage
Most people neglect to pamper their face. This massage will not only help you relax, it also helps with circulation and brings vitality back to your wonderful features! Warm towels are added to enhance massage.

30 Minutes - $40

Fancy Foot Massage
Sometimes an additional 30 minutes on tired exhausted feet is all that is needed to relax. Hot towels and aromatherapy are included.

30 Minutes - $40

Fantastic Foot Scrub
This treatment will start with warm towels. Next, I will exfoliate with the salt scrub, and remove it with more delicious warm towels. Lastly, a gratifying 30-minute you've ever had! In the end, you will feel relaxed and moisturized, ready to enjoy the rest of your day!

60 minutes - $50
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